Why Feed Your Dog Natural Dog Treats?

You stand in a grocery store and contemplate between the organic vegetables and the “regular” vegetables questioning, which is BETTER for you? Or you read the ingredients on an item you intend to digest yourself and have to look-up half the preservatives before you finally decide against it. So, when it comes to your biggest fan and favorite cuddle buddy you should consider the ingredients in the treats you are giving them.


Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

Natural dog treats provide more benefits to your pup than just learning a new trick. While store bought treats are quick and easy, many of them contain more preservatives, fats, and chemicals than a natural dog treat. Natural dog treats advertise exactly what they are; only the tastiest, freshest, and natural ingredients for our most loyal companions. These treats are easier for our furry friends to digest and provide for healthier hearts, teeth, and fur. Many store-bought processed treats are linked to illness in dogs and can cause severe GI problems. When trusting a treat, you want to be able to read and say the ingredients without having to look up what it is or possible side effects that can be brought on due to constant consumption. After all, who does not want to spoil their dog with endless love and treats. Natural dog treats have your dog’s health in mind, many name brand treats have added fats and different preservative chemicals to pro-long shelf life for their products. Although natural dog treats have an expiration date, with the taste and added nutritional value the treats are not likely to make it to that date.

Other Natural Dog Treat Considerations

Another reason to consider natural dog treats is the variety of foods dogs can indulge on, especially those picky eaters or allergy prone breeds. Not all dogs are the same, of course, so when picking an all-natural dog treat for your pup consider the foods, they cannot keep their nose away from when you sit down for a snack. Different foods you might see on all-natural ingredients list; carrots, peanut butter, (cooked) eggs, (cooked) salmon, blueberries, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, apples, and the list goes on. Keep in mind not all dogs are the same and surely, they do not all enjoy the same foods, be sure to slowly incorporate different natural foods into their diet. Although many fruits and vegetables are great sources of nutrients, many dogs are do not need as large of a serving. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with providing your furry best friend a treat so delicious and healthy you could eat it yourself.