How we started

First of all, thank you for coming to our page!
Secondly, meet Zane - the inspiration behind Buff Cake Barkery. I might be biased, but I think he's quite the "buff cake", right?!
So here's a quick story about Zane: When he came to us as a foster in early 2017, he had giardia. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of his stomach and GI related issues. This poor guy has had so many ups and downs, but in 2019, we FINALLY found the right combination of natural supplements and proper diet. We have had to tweak some things as he gets older, adding new things and taking away some other things. All in all, he is one loved pupper and we will always do what we can to make sure he lives a long and healthy life!
Now to our story:
Since I love to bake, Zane always received special *homemade* treats. In 2020, I was home more, and therefore baking more. It was also during this time that I decided to start baking for others. During the peak of the pandemic, we did porch drop offs and waved to people as we headed to the next house. After lots of pawsitive reviews, we decided to take the next step. Why not try to sell the treats at markets and craft fairs?! The first year was quite a learning experience, but it was invaluable and really helped to pave the way for what was coming next!!
The buzz from the returning customers was an addictive energy that we continued to chase. There's nothing better than speaking with people who love what you do and love buying for their fur babies. The first year was great, and because of that we wanted more. So we did more events, more fairs, and found more people who loved what we did! Anyone who has a fur baby knows that the excitement is real when it comes to talking about them and taking care of them. We also became involved with more charities, rescues and non-profits, making it our mission to help dogs of all breeds. We've donated to several local rescues and sponsored dogs who were available for adoption. 
And the story continues...
In 2022 we decided to branch out into stores. It was a slow climb, and we received a lot of "No's" along the way.
However, that first "No" in 2022 really sparked a fire.
From then until now, added over a dozen stores to our roster, had 2 blog posts written, 1 newspaper article written (The Hippo NH), and one National Magazine feature (Hello, HGTV magazine!).
Truth is, we want to continue to grow, because we want to make Buff Cake Barkery a brand that people recognize and love. We also want BCB to be known for top level customer service and satisfaction. 
When they speak, we listen.
We have always, and will always, take pride in what we do. 
- Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!