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Gingerbread (Single)

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Gingerbread Kisses & Christmas Wishes

One of my favorite holiday treats as a kid was a soft and delicious, frosted gingerbread cookie. They actually looked exactly like these miniature "gingerbread" cookies. 

I hope your pups enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!

Please note:

Cookies are not made with gingerbread. The flavor is Pumped Up PB Pumpkin (see treats for a list of ingredients)

* Single cookies are individually wrapped and tied with a seasonal ribbon.

* If you add bags of treats to your cart with your pre-order, they will all ship together.

* Pre-orders end Nov 27th, and orders will begin to ship the week of December 12th.

* Frosting contains dairy. A non-dairy option is available upon request. Please message me.

* If your dog has any allergies, please contact me for a full list of ingredients. Frosting and cookies are made with all-natural ingredients.